How to aggregate different bundles into one

Hey, so In one of the scenarios I am doing, I have a module that searches up a record on airtable and it brings in multiple bundles, the next step only need to know if any bundle exists and then delete a record somewhere else.

What I realized is that the 2nd module where I delete a record, it does the deleting based on the amount of bundle from the previous step (i.e. if 4 bundles came as output in module 1 then the 2nd module will delete a record 4 times although only the first one registers), so I want to combine all the bundles into one so I don’t get this error, what can I do in this situation.

Module 1 (a lot of bundles show up)

Module 2, deleting record (only first one registers and the rest gets error)

You can set a filter and eliminate the bundles from being processed by checking total number of bundles and the current bundle. When they are equal you can proceed. The last bundle will process.

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