💡 How to automate PDF generation with Make and Monday.com [MIH]

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Have you ever needed to automatically generate PDFs from different monday.com boards, columns, and fields? Discover how @Libin from Work Perfect tackled this puzzle for a client!

The modern, business equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket has to be the PDF. This super-versatile document format has endless uses, and it’s accepted in nearly any situation.

So, what would make the Golden Ticket even better? :thinking: How about the ability to automatically generate it? That’s precisely what Work Perfect did.

Using Make and monday.com, they developed a system for clients like McDonald’s Australia to

:bar_chart: retrieve info from monday.com boards
:file_folder: move it to PandaDoc
:page_facing_up: convert it to PDF
:arrow_right: and send the PDFs back to monday.com.

With this solution, they were able to create a staggering 50 executive briefing forms per month!

:nerd_face: Read on to learn how they’ve saved countless hours for their clients with automatic PDF generation.

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

Automatic PDF generation: pick data from multiple sources in monday.com, fill this data into a document, and convert it to a PDF - without manual work!

Why did the problem exist?

Sharing important information with non-monday users in a handy format like PDF is a very manual, one-by-one process. For any kind of volume, this workflow isn’t feasible.

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

Without copying data across different monday.com boards and columns, a monday.com button is linked to a Make webhook. This webhook triggers a Make scenario to retrieve the information from multiple monday.com boards, pushes the data into a corresponding PandaDoc template based on the chosen template in monday.com, converts the document into a PDF and is attached on the monday.com board.

the scenario powering the process behind the scenes

What did your solution achieve?

  • Eliminate human error
  • No more manual work
  • Guarantee no data loss
  • Enable monday to be used for non-monday users

Libin Ruan Headshot

Libin - the automation expert

Helpful Resources

:make: monday.com on Make
:make: PandaDoc on Make


Thank you @Michaela :blush:


@Libin great job! Do you think we can do it instead of Monday but with Asana?


Hi @rziliotto, absolutely yes! We can do the PDF generation with these similar platforms: Asana, Clickup, Jira and etc.


Hi @Michaela and @Libin, thanks for sharing this!

We do a pretty similar thing for our application where we aggregate data from multiple sources and use a service called PDFMonkey to do the generation. I don’t know about Monday templates, but with the other one we were able to completely control the documents look and they have a free tier hehe :smirk: we’ll look at Monday just to see what they offer :blush: