How to exclude responses to an email in sheet?

Hi! I created a flow that essentially takes emails related to invoicing and populates them into a Google Sheet. I would like to filter it somehow so that responses to the email don’t populate (ex: If someone emails me an invoice to pay, that should show up in the sheet. But if they respond to it just to say thanks then I don’t want that to clutter up my sheet by creating a new row). Is there a way to filter so that anything that is a re: doesn’t appear? Thanks!


You can apply filter to the reply. emails.

like this:

Get in touch,
Manish Mandot

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Perfect! Are you allowed to add multiple filters or do I need to create another connection (sorry for the wrong terminology I am just learning all of this today)? This is what I have going on right now and there’s already one existing filter to parse out emails related to invoicing.
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Or I guess I could just do an “and” rule on the existing filter.

Yes apply END or OR rule.

Thanks so much for your help! I tested it out and it seems to be working.