How to extract Tracking Number from Order Notes

I want to extract only tracking number from my WooCommerce Customer Notes

Notes look like these.
Shipped on: 2023-07-27,
Carrier: Delnext,
Tracking number: X7CYTR –
– Attention – The tracking of your order may only be available within 1 business day, after collection from the carrier. Thank you for your understanding.

I want to extract this ‘’ X7CYTR ‘’ and add it to my google sheets field.


Hi @Veins_Seleckis

To solve your issue, please use below regex
Tracking number:\s*([A-Z0-9]+)\s*–



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To extract the tracking number “X7CYTR” from the given string

Tracking number: ([A-Z0-9]+)

Here’s how you can do it step-by-step:
–Add the “Regular Expression” module to your Make scenario.
–In the “Regular Expression” module, use the regex pattern mentioned above: Tracking number: ([A-Z0-9]+).
–Connect the input field of the “Regular Expression” module to the string containing the text you provided.
–In the output field of the “Regular Expression” module, you will get the extracted tracking number “X7CYTR”.

If I add the text in text section then I Get the result. But If I add a ‘‘order notes’’ map to the text section , I get empty output. How could I fix this? If I need to use ‘‘order nots’’ map to do it?