How to grab E-Mail from Collection Array?!

Hi all,

I check if a deal in Pipedrive CRM gets a specific status. If yes, I want to create folders in google drive and share the folder to the person from the deal.

Getting the needed Information form Pipedrive and creating the folder in Google Drive works fine. Now, in the module “create folder” i can also share the folder, when I enter a email.

As you can see in the screenshot i selected the right value, but there is a space between [ and ] . What does that mean? I cant get the email because of this.

thank you much.

Assuming there is only 1 result at a time, try putting 1 in between the [ ]

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Thank you much, but this does not work.

I had to use map function. This works for me:

Hi @yefpie :wave:

Brilliant to see that you found a way of accomplishing this! Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your solution with us :pray:

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