How to Offer an Appointment Confirmation Button

I would call myself a proficient user, but I have an idea and am unsure where to start. Most of our clients come to us through our website where they schedule a consultation call using Acuity Scheduling (aka. Squarespace Scheduling, now, I guess). It’s a great tool but does not have a feature where clients can confirm their appointment. We get about 50% no-shows on these calls, and I’d like to reduce that.

I can customize the email reminders to our consultees and add a button to confirm (or cancel) the consultation call that includes a unique appointment identifier. I’m just not sure how to handle the click. Do I use a scenario with a webhook and point the link to the webhook address? How do I direct the user to a response page on my site (e.g., thanks for confirming!)?

I don’t need detailed step-by-step – just wondering if anyone here has done this and what the key building blocks would be. I’ve googled this question but didn’t come up with anything.


Hey Caleb.

How about this:

  1. Use URL params in webhook to specify confirm or cancel.
  2. Use a router/filter to route according to params.
  3. Create a basic HTML webpage branded to look like your booking site.
  4. Carry out necessary actions in the scenario
  5. Use a webhook response module and add the HTML from (3) above

Hi @calebsg ,

What @IainM says. However, you could also provide the page on your hosting and work with an HTTP response with code 301 and locate to the respective page. This way you prevent Make from hosting your page (What will be visible in the browser)

From experience I can say this works well.

Glenn - Callinetic


I had to do something like this once, but it was for a small event - nothing permanent.
But what I did was use the webhook response module to render a basic HTML interface to show the user the info based on his input.
Is just a matter of passing parameters in the URL and filter them out in your scenario. Give the user the apropriated response and perform any other action that you might need.
Is not as elegant as the other colleagues suggestions (you won’t have a nice URL), but it actually works.


I appreciate all the ideas, thank you! I will hopefully get to work on setting this up early next week now that I know some great options!