How to transfer data to emailoctopus

Im trying to transfer data from optimonk to emailoctopus. So far I configured this scenario in the screenshots, there is data running through, but the output is not the email, first name. I’m so close to get it done, could you please guide me in these final steps ?

Captura de pantalla 2023-05-17 120339.png
Captura de pantalla 2023-05-17 120327.png

Scenario URL (if any):

Hi @Freddy,

Can’t access the screenshot you have shared, plus the Scenario is not accessible for community users.

Can you write down, what is the problem that you are facing or what you want our help with, plus can you share the screenshot here?

hi also learn from your issues i am suggesting you some steps

  1. Verify the input mapping to ensure that the fields for email and first name are correctly mapped between Optimizely and EmailOctopus.
  2. Confirm that the data from Optimizely contains valid values for email and first name.
  3. Review and validate the output mapping in your scenario, ensuring that the fields in EmailOctopus are properly mapped to the incoming data from Optimizely.
  4. Test the scenario with sample data to check if the email and first name fields are processed correctly and sent to EmailOctopus.
  5. Pay attention to any error messages that may provide clues about the issues you’re facing.
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