How to update pipedrive lead module without overwriting the previous data

I was trying out a scenario to 1) create a lead if a contact is either a new or a campaign name to which he/she is responding is not existing in the datastore and 2) Merge the response of the mail to an existing lead if he/she responds to the same campaign. The problem I am facing is that even if I set the conditions for the above criteria, and managed to find the contact is responding to the same campaign, I couldn’t merge the response message with the previous message of the same lead. Update lead in Pipedrive module causes the previous data to get erased and overwrite the existing data. How can I avoid that and merge data with the previous one??

Hello Arjun! Greetings from Brazil.
Have you tried to send this data to a Note instead of the field?
Because, it really overwrites the data when you send new information.
What you can do also, is read the field and make a concatenation of both informations.
Like, use the Get a Deal module to get the data from that field before updating it, and then you put on the field [data 1] - [data 2].
Try it and tell us if it makes out for your


Thank you so much @tobiasbaco for your help. You saved me big time! This was the exact idea I had in my mind , but I did not know how to set the modules accordingly. So sorry for the late reply, but this works perfectly. Thanking you once again.

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You’re welcome my friend!
Have a nice day!