I managed to get variables from a previous step but they don't go into the output

OK so here you can see the tool I’ve used to get the variables but I need to use that list in a filter, but they don’t come out the output so I get an error when I use the filter

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 16.45.39

Any idea what I’m missing? Thanks

I can see that you are using the Get Variables module hence the output is completely dependent on

  1. Where the variable name you entered has the output in another set variable module in the previous hierarchy.

  2. The variable you are trying to get was already executed before this route.

  3. Variable Names should be entered properly.

Just check these things, and you will be able to fix them.

In case if you are still facing issues then share a short screen recording here.

Manish Mandot
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Thanks man, I can’t see any issue with the way I have it set up already. I will upload a screen recording hang on.

Thanks in advance

Its OK I just needed to use SET multiple variables instead of GET multiple variables Module.

Working now

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