I would like to create a button on the email which can approve a process in Survey123

I would like to send an email automation which has an “approved” button. If that button is pressed, a button on Survey 123 will be pressed, approving the action.

Is make able to interact with Survey 123 in that way? Or is there an HTML code I can include in the email which will trigger the action?

Thank you!

Hi. I did a quick search and saw there was a survey123 module (you can see all modules here https://www.make.com/en/integrations or by creating a new scenario and searching within the available modules.

It sounds like there are a couple of steps needed here. Initially, you need an email that has an “approve” button. If you wanted to simplify that you could use an “link” ie Click here to approve". You could use a webhook here with the link linking to the webhook link. This will trigger the required action. You can then create the scenario to interface with Survey123.

The one thing I’m not certain of is how you interact with the survey. It might take a little playing with the Survey123 module. Hopefully the webhook will get you started though.