If Then Scenario with AirTable

My AirTable database has checkmark entries (Yes/No) for the forms (several) that a client has completed. I am trying to figure out a scenario where a client gets a reminder to complete the forms that he/she has not completed yet.

  1. Get AirTable entires with missing forms (I Use AirTable formula)
  2. Get Name and Email variables as well as the forms that have no checkmark.
  3. Generate an email to a client with a set of links (depending on which form has not been completed)

Not that there can be more than one client and more than one form per client that is not completed.

This would be easy we the If-Then module but I don’t know how to do this in Make.

Dear, the logic to filter, find and retrieve the forms that need be completed is not a problem. You can do this using formulas. But when you send a email message to the customer update the form with the link, it will generate a new record not update it. So I think you must create an automation (or an script) in the Airtable to merge the records or you can use the prefilling a form option as the Airtable doc below:


If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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