If this is true, then keep going. If false, keep checking until it's true. How can I do this?

I’m trying to check if a user has inputted any value into a specific cell in google sheets. If they have, then continue with workflow, but if they haven’t, then keep looking until the cell has a value. How can I do this?

The steps in questions are:

Get cell >> Get Range Values

I dont want to get the range values unless the user has inputted a value in the cell I’m getting with Get Cell.

You can use this, https://www.make.com/en/help/app/google-sheets#connectinginstant-triggers--perform-a-function-watch-changes-using-the-make-google-sheets-add-on


Hey, thanks for your reply. But this isn’t really what I meant. I understand the trigger, but what if I need to check for an action or a message sent via Slack (for example) in the middle of the scenario?