IMLError Function 'displayError' finished with error!

Hi, I try my luck here because support replied to my last tickets after one week so I don’t expect them to replied soon and they haven’t solved single error I had so far…

I’m using Feedly to autopost to Wordpress and Reddit. My problem are random errors, today for example this one.


Function ‘displayError’ finished with error! Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘toString’)



Incomplete execution

The data was saved in the queue of Incomplete Executions.

Every few days I have some errors once it is google drive problem, then it is maintaince error…

If I’m not monitoring whole thing it would posted all articles from my Feedly feeds. Every time when there is some error it starts loop attempts but after that if it is not resolved, Feedly watcher just breaks and take all articles from the bottom and start post all of them. Worst is that I can’t stop running scenario so if it pick 10 articles, it will post 10 if there is limit 50 articles it will post 50 and I can’t stop it. And I’m paying for this. I have two tickets open and all this support do is just check last scenarios and write me “hey I checked last scenarios and it is all good, do you still have problem”… Completely useless.

Do you have please some solution for this because this support is not interested. I need solution to stop Feedly if all loop attempts fail because Feedly watcher is broken.

Or can somebody fix Feedly watcher please? Thank you.

Hi @Garique,

Is it your own custom app or is it an inbuilt app for Feedly? Seems like it is a code issue on Make side if it is an inbuilt app.

As a workaround, maybe you can consider using Webhooks if Feedly allows to setup webhooks on their end, or you can use Search for Articles modules and then pass the timestamp there, so you can replace the Watch Articles module and use the search for articles module at the start of the scenario, and use Newer than fields for filtering the results. So, If you run the scenario every 1hrs then you can pass addHours(now;-1) in the newer than fields.

But, Ultimately it is Make side issue and they should fix it.

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I probably found a solution to add Filter after “Watch articles” with Condition “greater than” addHours(now;-1) and it post only articles added last hour. Going to test it. Thanks man.