Instant Notification setting not received?

I’ve been trying to get the Instant payment notification from Paypal but after one successful attempt from Paypal, I don’t get anymore notifications…

Do you encounter the same issue ? How did you solve it ?

Thanks for any help you can bring :slight_smile:

Best regards

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According to IPN Still Not Working - PayPal Community, if you are using PayPal’s IPN, you must:

  • Follow the IPN authentication protocol, and

  • Make a Webhook Response with the after verifying the IPN authentication protocol, and

  • Consequently, your listener (trigger module) must not perform time-consuming operations (such as updating a database) before responding to an IPN, because PayPal expects to receive a response to an IPN message within 30 seconds

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So there’s much more to it than just “a webhook”, thanks for sharing and explaining…!