Integrating Webflow and Sendinblue

Hello, I set up an automation to create a contact in Sendinblue when one of my Webflow forms is submitted. I wanted to add a filter for those that opt out of the marketing. The idea is to not add a contact if they uncheck the box and add them if they keep the checkbox checked (true). I’m not too familiar with conditions and text operators. The screenshot below is all I have but contacts do not get added to the list with this current filter in place. See screenshot.

{{if(`Accepts Marketing` = true; true; false) = true}}
{{if(`Accepts Marketing` = false; true; false) = false}}```

Hi @leightonmedved,

The filters in Make follows a basic if something equals to this then go to the next module if not stop there. As in the screenshot for it to work, It needs value in the second field i.e If Condition “Acce[ts Marketing” Text operators: Equal to true/false as required.

So, For it to work what you need to do is,

In the first field, just use the mapped data i.e Accepts Marketing, and use filter either boolean or text operators : equal to, to true. So, you don’t need to have any logic in the first field, just do if it equals to true then go to next module.

Edit, Screenshot.

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Thank you, this works!

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