Introductions and Hellos

Nice to meet you too, Stan!

Hard to drop by, I’m on a different continent :joy:. Regardless, Mavs for the win!

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@vendy thanks Vendy for having me and for the kind words! Looking forward to as well.


Hello everyone, I’m James :smiling_face_with_tear:
I’m an aspiring Make scenario builder(started about a month ago). Hoping to make a career out of it someday.
I’m still a newbie and I’m happy to be learning from everyone. :smile:


Hey @James.1 :wave:

Nice meeting you and welcome to the community. I will have my fingers crossed while you establish yourself as an automation expert!

If you’re looking for content to learn more about automation, definitely check out and enroll in our amazing Academy! :mortar_board:


Thank you so much for the welcome vendy. Haha yeah hopefully I get there someday. :smile:

Actually, I have just recently completed the Make Academy courses (I see that the Advanced course is still a work in progress) and I’ve been thinking of doing the Partners courses this time. Do I need to go through the entire Foundation, Basics, and Intermediate courses again? Are they on a different level from the Make Academy Foundation, Basics, and Intermediate courses? :smiling_face_with_tear:
Thank you.

Hey @James.1 :wave:

We support you in completing our Partner training! :clap:

Regarding your question, I reached out to our Partner Managers and they told me that some content in these lessons overlaps with the Academy courses. It is unfortunately necessary to complete all of the Partner training levels.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

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Hello, Vendy. nice to meet you
My name is Leon Smith from England.
I am a new Maker and a beginner in Make.
For the past 7 years, I have been working as a programmer.
I led a team at WooBox AI company and completed numerous projects. Of course, with my teammates.
I always love exploring new technologies and Make looks cool in my eyes.
Because Make makes things really easy.
I am confident that if I add Make Skills to my existing skills, I will be able to contribute even more to the IT industry.
So I hope you help me, Vendy.
Thank you.