Job Opportunity: Agency Operations Architect & Manager

What’s up Makers!

We’re hiring for a Make and ClickUp power user to architect and run our digital operations infrastructure.

A rapidly scaling agency, we are shifting from post-startup to hyper-growth and looking for our chief integrator to build all the operational pieces along the way with Make & ClickUp as the back-bone.

The Role

You live and dream process maps, automations and digital project management architecture…

Your knowledge and prowess with platforms like ClickUp, Make (Integromat) and Miro makes the people who created them look like beginners.

You thrive in fast-paced environments and find fulfilment in creating SOPs and automations to make complex processes work like clockwork.

From keeping client and team onboarding moving along swiftly to staying on top of projects to making sure everything happens on time and to the maximum possible quality.

You are so well organised that clients and team members alike have to double-take at how quickly and easily things happen following the systems, processes and automations you put in place.

You have a sixth sense for client and team needs and it’s deep within your nature to find ways of doing things that are easier and faster whilst producing better quality outcomes for everyone involved.

You have a burning desire to see your work directly impact and fuel the rapid growth of an agency from post-startup to industry behemoth.


  • ​Design of Processes adhering to international standards for process mapping
  • Architect of our digital processes within ClickUp using advanced native automation features
  • Automation of company wide processes using Make (formerly Integromat)
  • Creation of standard SOP structure and leadership of the team in creation of departmental SOPs
  • Implementation of new SOPs and processes to help our business run faster, smoother and more efficiently
  • ​Overseeing daily operations of the company to ensure things run smoothly and nothing falls through the cracks
  • ​Organization and upkeep of ClickUp project management boards ensuring deadlines are met and clarity is maintained
  • ​Timely onboarding of new clients and team members.​
  • ​Tracking and dash-boarding of team productivity & performance.​
  • ​Helping the team to be more productive. ​
  • Establishing policies that promote company culture and vision.


  • SME Digital Agency Experience (Startup experience preferred)
  • You understand what is required to provide outstanding marketing/advertising client experience
  • Creation and implementation of Processes (you actually designed the processes following internationally recognised standards)
  • Advanced automation using Make (formerly Integromat) or demonstrable experience with a similar platform
  • Integrating processes across ClickUp, Miro, Google Workspace, TimeDoctor, Zoom, PandaDoc, Xero, OnceHub etc.
  • Advanced ClickUp user
  • Demonstrable fast paced, high level Project Management experience


  • ​A confident leader and natural overachiever
  • You take pride in delivering results far beyond what people expect of you
  • Your level of tech prowess has earned you the status of Gedi Master with not just your grandmother, but everyone around you
  • You are able to architect processes that perform in one click what takes others hours
  • ​Friendly, yet assertive - people feel like they’ve known you their whole life as soon as they meet you but you know how to help people get the most out of themselves and get the job done
  • ​​You overdeliver - clients constantly find themselves boasting to their friends “Wow, I did not expect that!”
  • ​​3D Thinking - you’re able to think around corners, bring together abstract ideas and develop new strategies
  • ​​A positive thinker - an enthusiastic, ‘can-do’ attitude, naturally driven by finding solutions to challenges
  • ​​Motivator - your enthusiasm is infectious to everyone around you
  • ​​Highly methodical and detail oriented - When you find a solution, you turn it into a process that anyone else can follow
  • ​​Lazer sharp initiative and eagerness to blast through problems and challenges
  • ​​Motivated by clients’ happiness, success and constantly improved customer service and campaign results
  • ​​You anticipate emerging and current operational requirements and deliver solutions through a deep, internalised understanding the business’ strategic objectives and mission


  • ​Uncapped opportunity to earn with incentives for demonstrable value to the company
  • Highly Competitive base pay depending on experience
  • The best work environment and team culture you have ever experienced
  • ​Work from where you want, when you want.

Please reply to express your interest.

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Hey Dave,

This looks interesting, my and my team can contribute value to your vision.


Thanks Manish, we’re looking for a full time hire in this particular role.

Can you send the details of your services in case we need extra capacity in the automations setup however?

Hi @Dave_R

Sure, I am working on Make and Zapier for over 4 years now. Built many custom apps and advanced level scenarios. Here are some examples.

Let me know if you would like to connect over a call.

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