Loop through a list to find matching values

I have a query into a webflow collection that brings back all the items. I have another query that goes to Salesforce to get all the products. I want to loop through both lists and find instances where I have the product in webflow and in salesforce so that I can align IDs.

I would like to query each system once, loop through the lists and then product one table output. Any guidance appreciated.

Hello @Peeyoosh_Chandra. Welcome to the Community.

Follow the steps:

  • You need to aggregate Salesforce query in to an array (if not already in array).
  • Iterate through Webflow collection and use map function to find the corresponding id from Salesforce.

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And you may wish to check out the array operations post.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Managed to figure it out.

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Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your solution or whether the suggestions here reflect the actual solution? What you described here is similar to another use case I’m dealing with.

Also the table generation post.

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