[Make Bot Tips] Adding URLs to Gmail Content

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I’m looking for a way of adding a URL to the content of one of my Gmail Sequences. When I run the sequence, I don’t receive the highlighted link, just the text. I think I have added the appropriate HTML.


  • the correct way to insert URL into a Gmail email is as follows:

<p><a href="http://www.nolink.com">click here</a></p>

  • the result in the email will then look like this:

When creating the link, the HTML differs depending on which page you look at, and some syntax is just not working correctly with Gmail.

The Make team recommends using this page to create your HTML codes since it works really with Gmail: https://wordtohtml.net/

Hi @Make_Bot
It looks like your code is wrong, and you are selected on that text so that it shows highlighted. You can probably use mark tag to highlight text