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To make sure we all have a great time, we’ve set some guidelines for everyone to follow.
Please take a moment to review them :point_right: Code of Conduct.

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:memo: Fill out your Community profile to help us learn a little more about you.
:wave: Say hi in the Introdutions thread, and let us know about your experience and interests.

Before posting

:books: Check the Make Help Center.
:mag_right: Search for solutions and topics.
:technologist: Log a support ticket with billing questions, technical problems, or if reporting a bug.

Get quick and useful answers by asking the right way :question: :reply:

  • Use clear and descriptive titles to summarize your question.
  • Avoid hijacking conversations with unrelated questions, and create a new topic for your specific query.
  • Give a detailed explanation and context of what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Mention any steps you’ve tried so far, and be as specific as possible.
  • Include screenshots of
    • your scenario flow and setup (functions, mappings, variables, etc.)
    • module configurations and outputs
    • any error messages you are getting
  • When sharing screenshots, remember to exclude any sensitive or confidential data for privacy and security purposes.


  • Mark most helpful replies as solutions to help keep the Community organized. :white_check_mark:


Navigating the Community :compass:

Here’s a brief intro to the categories in the Community and their purpose:

  • Q&A: Ask your questions, and discuss solutions with the Community.
  • Showcase: Show off the tips, hacks, and solutions that you’ve built with Make.
  • Makerhood: Start off-topic conversations, and connect with other users in the community.
  • Backstage News: Get updates and info related to Make and releases.
  • Solution Exchange: Promote your professional services, or post when looking to hire a pro.
  • Nerd Zone: Discuss more complex concepts.

Self-promotion in the Community :loudspeaker:

We value open collaboration and solution-focused discussions. If you’re a Make expert and want to offer your paid services, please avoid spamming every conversation with self-promotional comments.

Instead, here are some effective ways to promote yourself within the Community:

  • Introduce your business in the description of your Community profile.
  • Share information about your work in the Introductions thread, allowing others to get to know you and your expertise.
  • Promote your paid services in the dedicated Solution Exchange category, where members actively seek solutions.
  • Consider adding a link to your website or Calendly in your Community signature for easy access to your offerings.

:rotating_light: We want to maintain a positive and supportive space, so please be aware that any spammy or excessively self-promotional comments will be promptly removed.

Meet the gang :handshake:

We have a whole bunch of Makers in the Community, and some of them have specific roles.

:handshake: Community Managers (@Michaela @vendy )
The Make people who keep the Community in the loop and make sure everyone behaves.

:handshake: Make Team
Make folks who occasionally pop into the Community to bring in some valuable knowledge.

:handshake: Community Leaders
Make wizards who rock at solving problems and keeping the Community awesome.

:handshake: Community Pioneers
Folks who have been with us since day one, providing us with feedback and insights.

:handshake: Make Partners
Certified experts who love to share their knowledge and offer their professional services.

Reach out :envelope_with_arrow:

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions about the Community,
don’t hesitate to ping @Michaela or @vendy in a private message.

We’re all ears and happy to help!