Making a scenario from the CRM Boondmanager to Wordpress

Hi !

I’m a completely beginner in Integromate and i would like to set up a scenario for my client for who i just build an wordpress site.
The fact is that they want to link a page named “offer” which displays opportunities or missions in that page offer. I already start that process but i want to know how to exactly pick up information in boond’s CRM like the place, the cost, the duration etc. of these mission in order to show that to some freelances on our web site.
Ideally, the scenario will update these informations as soon as we change the datas in the CRM.

Have a good day all

Hey @Thibaud

You can read tutorial on Blog | Make or start here: Creating a scenario

Here’s a video that can help: Get Started With Automating Invoicing with Invoice Ninja - YouTube