Markdown module for multiple conversions in the same bundle

Hi Makers!
Is it inevitable to have one Markdown module for each item to be converted from Markdown to HTML? My bundle contains 7 items to be converted.
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Hi, @Vianney, maybe you could aggregate all bundles on 1 bundle and do only 1 conversion.

Could you please share a screenshot of the scenario, so we can help you better?

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Hi @Francisco_Fontes
Here is the screenshot

Can you add screenshots of the Airtable output and Markdown modules?

I can assume that the 7 data fields you need to convert from Markdown to HTML come from Airtable, if so, you could try using only 1 Markdown module with all 7 fields.

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Yes the 7 data fields come from Airtable.

The 7 data fields to be converted are 7 items in the same bundle.

@Francisco_Fontes I can’t use only 1 Markdown module with all 7 fields because in the continuation of the scenario each Markdown will fill one Rich Text in Webflow.

Hi, @Vianney, maybe one way to do it is:

  • In a single Markdown module you add all the fields with a separator that you are sure is not used, for example Ø
  • Then in the Webflow module in each field you use the Split function for the Ø field, and you obtain the correct position of the list with the get function.

I share an example

Join all Airtable fields with a special character

In each webflow field you use the Split and Get function to obtain each value


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Thanks a lot!

Many thanks to @Francisco_Fontes for this efficient solution thanks to the GET and SPLIT functions in a Multiple Variables Tool Module :+1: