📚 Mastering the Make Community: Customize Your Sidebar

Hey Makers :wave:

Did you know that you can customize the community’s navigation bar so that it features community updates and information that is the most relevant to you? Check out the guide below and learn how to do it!

Let’s check out the options the sidebar gives you:

:one: You can edit the categories and tags that you’re directed to from the sidebar.

To do so, simply click the click the pencil next to ‘Top Categories’ or ‘Tags’ and select the most relevant ones for you.

:two: You can add a custom section to your sidebar with helpful/inspirational posts.

To do so, simply click the plus sign at the very bottom of the sidebar.

Add the links that are helpful or interesting.

edit custom section

:three: Or click the plus sign by ‘Messages’ and craft a new personal message.

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This is super useful thank you Michaela. Really enjoying the new layout :purple_heart:

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Thanks Paul! Happy to hear that you like the makeover :blush: