Matrix: Support for encryped messages

Firstly, I want to say thank you for adding Matrix to Make. So what I would really wish for you to have is the ablity to support sending encrypted messages.

I’ve been using a app called Beeper, which is built on the Matrix network. Because Beeper uses Matrix, Matrix itself has a API using Beeper’s own homeserver. With Make just releasing the Matrix app, I gave it a try and was able to login with the homeserver and it went through. The only problem however, is that…when sending messages, Make however did went through, but on Beeper’s end, it gave a error that the message is not encrypted (although it should’ve thrown a error that if a server is a encrypted server, Make should’ve thrown a error).

Looking into Beeper’s FAQ, all of Beeper’s chat is encrypted to end-to-end encryption. I talked to Beeper’s support to see if there’s a workaround, but to them they say it’s on Make’s end to support sending encrypted messages. Unfortunately, looking at the module, Make does not support currently support encrypted messages at this time. Unless there’s a workaround using a “Call an API” module with the extensions, I would wish that Make can support having the ablity to send encrypted messages in the future.

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Hello there @mikey186 :wave:

Thanks a lot for bringing up this topic here in the community :pray:

Great to hear that the release of Matrix was good news for you! If you’re looking for extended functionality of the app, you can log your suggestion into our Idea Exchange. By doing so, other users can then upvote your request and you can follow the progress.

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