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I have products with pricing in subitems. On the parent item I have a summary of the subitem column with the cost for each product. The summary column is summing together the price from all of the subitems in the annual revenue column. In make the column is coming through as a “lookup” column.

It’s coming through make like this: 780, 663
Instead of just the total sum how it’s shown in

So I’m looking to take the summed amount and create an item in a different board with the total amount.

I’ve tried utilizing the formula column but the value is empty. I’ve tried the iterator and it’s not coming through separated. I don’t really know what I’m doing so this might be a simple fix. I don’t have the knowledge to know.


Hi @MichelleCole

Unfortunately, extracting data directly from a formula column is not feasible. There’s a workaround to address your issue. By employing the “add” and “split” functions you can sum the text value. To achieve this, use the formula “{{sum(split(1.Text; “,”))}}”, which will yield the total sum as a result.

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Yes, when you use the Monday Summary columns, they combine ALL the values in to an array… this is so on the Monday board you can then choose to display min,max,avg etc.

You will need to sum the items, as per the previous comment with {{sum(split(1.Text; “,”))}}