Multiple Twitter accounts | Twitter likes to Notion | Watch Likes allows only one | Should be multiple scenarios?

I have multiple Twitter accounts and want to organize Twitter likes in the Notion database, but the Twitter module in “Watch Likes” allows me to use only one in one scenario.

Should I just split them into multiple scenarios, or are there tools or flow controls for this? Thanks.

So I have all of my twitter bots in different scenarios per dataset.

But just taking a quick look at the twitter api documentation

:question: It “might” Be Possible

In combination with using the "get api call" twitter module,
Either Iterating it repeating different users, or chaining api call modules and merging data at the end.

I have not messed around much with the twitter api myself though.

depending on the scale of what you are doing, it doesn’t really save operations to do either of those, without maybe working in some of this: Getting started - Make Apps

It might not be worth the effort over having a folder of twitter scenarios.

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