My automation always stop

Hi everyone,

My automation work correcty almost al the time but 1-2 time a day i got this error and thats stop my automation so i need to open put it on again and again.

Here what i got :

If i can filter this error or something that will really help me, because i always need to watch this automation lie 10 time a day to be sure its still on…

Thanks if someone can help on this :slight_smile:

Hey @Alexandre_Bedard welcome to the make community!

Right click on the active campaign module and ‘add an error handler’ there are a couple options. If you don’t care to know that the error happened you can choose ‘ignore’ OR use the break module to store incomplete execution to go look at and fix after the fact.

But adding any error handler will help make to not turn off the scenario.

Hope that helps!

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