Need help: create a contact list on Sendinblue from an Airtable database

Bonjour j’essaie de créer une liste de contact sur Sendinblue depuis une base Airtable.
Je rencontre des difficultés pourriez-vous m’aider ?

Tableau Airtable :

Hi there @earvin_malonga

Since the official language of the Make Community is English, let me just translate your question so that people can potentially benefit from the knowledge shared here in the future.

Translated Question:
Hello, I am trying to create a contact list on Sendinblue from an Airtable database.
I’m having trouble, can you help me?


@earvin_malonga, from what I see in the image you share, the problem is in the invalid phone number.

You can check this value on Airtable and share with us a screenshot with the input data.

Also, I recommend using the phone module with which you can validate and format a phone number, thus solving the current problem.



@earvin_malonga Sendinblue requires the phone to be formatted as below:
in fr: le numero de telephone doit etre formatte comme requis dans la doc de Sindblue, voir piece jointe


Hi @earvin_malonga

The field in Sendinblue does not support the phone number you want to send. Try checking what kind of format the Sendinblue phone field supports or try using the Phone Number application Parse Number.



Hello everyone, thank you for your help. I managed to solve the problem.

[Uploading: Make.PNG…]

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How great to hear that you managed to solve the problem!

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