No bundles generated by netlify forms

:footprints: The steps you have taken

  1. I’ve setup a netlify trigger to watch for form submissions.
  2. I’ve setup the webhook to watch for a particular form.
  3. When debugging, I have the schedule set to On demand but it doesn’t always fetch the data. See screenshot below.
  4. If I change the schedule to Immediately and submit a form, it captures the data correctly.

It would be nice if On demand worked consistently. I have 3 different scenarios setup and their behavior is different. Sometimes On demand works. For some scenarios, it has never worked.

Is there something I can do so this behaves consistently and will fetch existing form data from Netlify?

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Ondemand, needs to be triggered via Make Internal Scenarios or via APIs. Not sure, how it is setup at the moment, but using Immediate options will be the best for your current setup.

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