No Option "Choose where to start" on Watch Changes on Google Sheet

Hi everyone,

Im using watch changes from google sheet (data from glide app) and send email to Gmail, the question is when the data update from glide to spreadsheet it doesnt mark as an changes on Make, so i should replaced the data manually to Google spreadsheet. Then, there is another problem, when im replaced the data manually to google spreadsheet, the email send not from the latest change (Send all data from row 1 to the latest)

Can anyone give me some suggestion to solve this problem?

Thank you

I can’t seem to find it for Microsoft Excel as well, though in the documentation, it seems that the “Choose where to start” option should exist. Strange. Anybody can point us to the right direction?

I’m a klutz. Within minutes of posting this, I’ve answered my own question and that of OP’s. Right click and there you have it!

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@Exceler How great to hear that you managed to figure it out :clap: :clap:
Also, thanks for sharing the solution with the community, much appreciated and super valuable!