non-working reporting system + payments

How can I contact you if the tickers do not work for you? I sent an email but you can’t identify my address.

I have a payment problem on my account. As I have changed my payment cards in the meantime and updated the payment details in my account, the system tries to withdraw money from the old card every month. It does this despite the updated data in the account (exactly redirects me to the stripe).

please clarify how should i update the payment methods since i have everything updated?

Heya @bobiko welcome to the community :wave:

The support team really are the folks who can best assist you with these sorts of issues. We checked our system and could only find your ticket from four months ago.

Could you please clarify what you mean by:

The tickets should be logged from the email address associated with your Make account. Could you please make sure that you’re using the correct address? :pray:


maybe because I log in through google.
yes i am sure i am using the correct email address

From email reply

We are sorry but this email address neither accepts any message nor allows creating a ticket.

Huh, interesting :thinking:

Ok, I’m sure we can figure this out. Just making sure here - are you logging the ticket through the form over here :arrow_right: Contact support |?

after logging in to the account, I go to the application page and I have the view as shown in the attached screenshot.

I checked the consoles in the browser. no error like 404 or 500.

Alrighty, could you please try opening the ticket in a different browser or using a different device? Thanks for your patience, I’m sure we’ll make this work :handshake:

hi, I switched to incogito mode and the form actually loaded.

ok, your contact form has been blocked by the privacy badger, which is to prevent tracking by other entities.

Heya! Very glad to hear that you made it work :pray: