Notion to Adalo : RuntimeError [400], Request failed with status code 500

Hello to all!

I am currently creating an automation to synchronise a Notion database to an Adalo database.

The goal is that a record is created in Adalo each time an item is added to the database on Notion.

The problem is the following, when an item is created on Notion, it is detected and sent to Adalo, only an error appears when creating the record.

The error displays “RuntimeError [400] Request failed with status code 500 / Origin: Adalo”.

You can find screenshots below.

If anyone has a solution, you would be a lifesaver.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,


This looks like an error on Adalo’s API, not due to Make. I found this thread on the Adalo Forum that seems to solve the exact issue you are experiencing: Integromat 'Update a Record' 500 Error Code - #3 by hoosier_nocode - External Collections, Custom Actions & Collections - Adalo

Check for the presence of arrays in your Adalo module.


Thanks for your answer Simo! The problem came from the input mails, sometimes it already existed in Adalo, sometimes it was not added in Notion…
It was really simple, I just didn’t think about it.


Hey again @Romain_Chaize :wave:

Just wanted to jump in and say a big thank you for getting back to the topic and sharing what turned out to be the solution. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, right?

Just FYI: I’ve marked your last comment as a solution to keep the community tidy :white_check_mark: :broom: