Now it seems I need a custom OAuth 2.0 connecter for Google Cloud!

Hi again

I’ve managed to create a scenario that mimics an Evernote’s feature but for Notion: an email address I can send anything to which get’s created in the Notebook / Database I specify with all the attachments embedded.

Yay me!

I use this for email my handwritten notes from my Remarkable tablet to Evernote / Notion.

However, the connection requires re-authorising manually every few days, and I want to not have this happen, and to have the connection authorised for X days. It seems I need to setup a custom app in Make that connects with the “correct” API info and URIs, then use this custom app in my connector for my scenario.

Is this correct? If so, has this been done before?! Surely it has by someone? Is there a tutorial I can use regarding creating this custom app?

Any (more) help much appreciated.