NUELINK post has no video, how to select the collection

Im refering to the app nuelink.

How can I choose to wich collection the post from make goes to?

I also entered a media URL, but in the collection there is no media.

What I’m doing wrong?


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Hello @TylonHH any chance you can share with us as screenshot for the flow you’re using? Typically a direct link and or a link from OneDrive/Google drive should work.

Can you please check steps 7 and 10 in the help article here:

Also, can you send a note to – this will help us check your account and give proper help.


Thx for the manual. No I know where the connection to the right collection came from.

I get the Media url direct from Insta, but I’ll try to safe it on own space before using it on nuelink.

I have no clue why it isn’t working.

I grap the media url from instagram. I checked that url within an incognito browser to be sure it’s public. It’s.

It’s a simple workflow, I thought. :smiley:

I see the post in the queue but without media.