Onboarding emailing

Hi There,

I tried to make an onboarding scenario with using the App ‘Virtuagym’ and e-mail.

The goal of the scenario is to send my team an e-mail after several important milestones.

For instance:

  • after day 1
  • at day 12

Now I made this scenario, but it fires once a day. So Every day the scenario runs again and send all the e-mails at once.

Is there a way to change this?

What I want is once I send an e-mail about a member about the first day, it won’t be send every day…

Hopefully someone has some good tips on how to change this.

I would suggest to split this automation.

In one automation you can write the needed Information into a datastore with needed date/timestamps.


Then other automations beginning with a Date Store Search Records. After that Module check for the right timeframe

Beware of the different TimeZones. Thats a bit tricky.

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Maybe this could help

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So if I get it,

I put a data storage after the first mail with a time stamp.

And then I continue in another scenario like this?


As you can see here I splitted it in to scenarios. 02.00 is the first one, where the data store is filled. 02.01 is the second with data store search

For your full scenario it will be a bit more complex. An I would suggest to use Data Store Delete Record to delete all old entries


Hi @Nicky1,

Have you considered using a database product like Airtable, SmartSuite, or Notion (there are a bunch to choose from) to help you organize this information?

You could still use Make to input new members in the database along with any dates or other relevant information.
Make could also help keep the database updated when changes are made to members.

The database can automatically calculate “days since” against a particular date using a formula and, when a certain number has been reached, kick off another automation to start sending emails, etc…

I know this isn’t what you’re asking for, but I feel like something like this would help with your use case and just wanted to mention it!


Thanks for your feedback! I’m looking into it. Very solid advice.

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