Paperform data presented as bundles in array vs nested bundles

I’m having a lot of trouble mapping data from my Paperform "new submission’ module.

I had a long conversation with Paperform support team, and have come to the conclusion that there is a fundamental difference in how the Make Paperform New Submission module is presenting data for me, vs all of their examples and docs.

I am receiving an array of bundles from my Paperform module, but all their examples show a list of nested bundles.

This is an example they provided from a demo Make scenario they created to test this for me - note that Data includes a list of nested bundles:

My own Paperform module in my Make scenario is an array, and shows only the first item in the array

All the data from my form is present in my array:

But I cannot figure out how to access the data for use downstream in my scenario!

Weirdly, about a week ago while I was messing around trying to make this work, my Paperform module somehow reverted to the ‘nested bundle’ model, but today when I reopen my scenario, it’s showing me the data inputs in teh ‘New Submission’ mocdule as an array again, and all my downstream modules that I setup to make use of the data presented in the ‘nested bundle’ model no longer work! :scream:

How can I either force my New Submission module to present nested bundles, or access the data from the array?

You can use an array iterator with {{ toArray( }} to convert the data child items as individual bundles.


Thank you @samliew,

Can you please elaborate a bit more on this advice?

I’ve tried this iterator - not sure if this is what you mean?

I still cannot access the data I want to get to!

Oh, I saw your first screenshot and thought that was yours.

In your case, just remove the toArray and simply put the data variable into the iterator!


Sorry @samliew , I am not understanding something here…

My original Paperform module presents the data as an array with a bunch of nested collections, whose values cannot directly be seen or accessed in my downstream modules.

I’ve now put the data variable in the iterator, and it returns what looks like exactly the same array structure, with a bunch of nested collections, whose values still cannot directly be seen or accessed in my downstream modules.