Payment updates in smartsuite using mollie


I’m trying to automate a payment process for a padel event.

Clients would sign up through a smartsuite embedded form that will automatically create a payment request using Mollie.

This part I have covered.

Now I’d also like to get the payment updates back to smartsuite so the status is automatically updated once a customer completes the payment.

I don’t seem to be able to set this up though so any help would be much appreciated.



Hi Wouter,
I’m also interested in the same question. I need to make a smartsuite donation form / record that automatically create a payment request using Mollie.
You say you have covered this part. Did you do it using Make in between?
Can you tell me how you did this?

When i also have covered the payment, the company would also like to see all payments back to SmartSuite. I have seen this link on the Mollie site:
Maybee that is a step in the right dimension. I’m working with someone who’s developping API’s connecting to SmartSuite, so i’m hoping he can help me with this last functionality…
I will keep you informed… that’s the least i can do.

BTW: wheren’t we in the same SmartSuite certification traject?

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Hi Rob,

Haha yes we were!

I actually found a way to do both the “Create Payment” and the update back to smartsuite part once it’s paid.

In the first step it creates the payment and you can either use the smartsuite title as the description for the payment or you can add it in the metadata.
I also created a webhook module and added the link to the create payment step

the second step is triggered when the webhook is called (when the payment status changes).
this gives you the option to use the ID from the webhook to search the payment and values you need to update your record back in smartsuite.

I like how there’s several options to get the job done. For the time being I like this one best.

Hope this helps you too


Hello @Wouter_Noerens :wave:

Congratulations on solving this puzzle on your own! Also thank you so much for sharing the solution here with us.

FYI: I marked your comment as a solution to keep our community organized and neat!


Hello Wouter,
Thanks for your message. It helped me a lot.
I ended up with scenario 2 via a mailhook from SmartSuite, get record info from SmartSuite and then tried to go to Mollie with a Get a Payment action.
The last step still gives me a error. Can you please help me with this one?

Please sent me a email to Then i can reply you a more detailled email with insight in what i have done…

Hello Wouter,
Can you please help me with this one?

Just sent you a mail!