Podio->Excel, Bundle Validation Error, It was working fine just the other day? 😭

I have set up a scenario that takes a newly created item in Podio and makes a new row in my Excel 365 table. This has been working great for weeks until recently when I added a few more columns to my Excel table. Now I get a “BundleValidationError” because my Podio item has fields that are empty but they are “required” so it won’t run anymore.

All of the columns that are in the excel file are properly mapped in Make, that is not the issue. It is saying that there are missing values from the new item in Podio which is true but should not stop it from running the scenario. When I create a new item in Podio only about 3-5 of the fields have values out of the 40ish total fields. This should create a new row in excel with the original 3-5 values mapped with the other 35 values just blank and then as I update that item in Podio I have another scenario that updates the excel table row and fills in those blank values. This is how the scenario was running and everything worked great until I added some more columns and updated the stuff in Make and now all the sudden its a bundle validation error that there are empty fields in the podio data.
Here is a screenshot of a previous run that did exactly what I want when it was working properly before something messed this scenario up:

Notice how there are many fields with blank values and only the first 5 fields have values.

Does anyone know why this would happen or how to fix it?

Perhaps try putting ‘null’ in each of the blank fields from the General Functions part of the mapping window?

Could you post a screenshot of the mapped fields and settings in the Excel module?

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