Problem with Update Database Item in Notion

Hello everybody! I’m reaching out to our wonderful community again because I can’t seem to resolve the issue:

I use Update Database Item for that. And I need a 3rd tag (FR done) to be added in the “DX stage” column, because now I can only update it completely and only 1 tag will remain there (FR done). And I need this 3rd tag to be added to the 2 others, and not delete what was already in this column.

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To put it briefly: the tag (FR done) should be added to those 2 (SP done, DE done) that already exist and not replace them by itself (now in final only “FR done” remain in row, but I need all 3 tags in row)

I think I need to use some “map” expression here, but unfortunately I can’t find the right solution.

Please help with a solution. Thank you, have a nice day!

Hello @Sviatoslav_M nice to meet you.

First you need to identify what kind of object you are getting array or string.

In this case the idea is that you have to merge because the object is an array and every time you add a new object it is overwritten not added. In this case you have to use add function.
First you add the existing object and then add the new object.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

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