Regex from HTML pulling 100 bundles

So I am currently trying to pull information from an email using make. I’ve done this in the past pulling the text content, but for whatever reason, this email doesn’t have text content, only html content. The code I’m trying to get to via regex is:

<span class="person-name">
      JOHN DOE (12345678910*Business)

The regex I’ve tried to use is (?<=class="person-name">\n\s+)(\w+\s?\w+)(?=) Which seems to be working regexr, but when I run it on Make, its pretty much grabbing every html tag. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hi @Blaize

Can you show what you want to accomplish in regex101: build, test, and debug regex.
:information_source: If you need help, try to follow the steps showed in: How to use Regex in Make? - Showcase - Make Community

I tried and the regex you shared it’s not valid.


I think it misses the open parenthesis in the beginning before the question mark.


Using this in Regex101 it worked:

Make also worked:

You can import on your own and look the scenario:
blueprint_regex_html.json (8.1 KB)

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Hmm, I wonder why it still isn’t working for me. Maybe there is something wrong in my settings:

Here is the output I am receiving when I have the full email:

You can import the blueprint and check the parameters.

I took a screenshot to help you.

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