Repetitive Functions

Good Day,

I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with a solve.

Essentially what the flow is doing is:

  1. Taking a record from Airtable and creating a particular document based on the request.
  2. Generating the document and uploading it to the individuals staff folder
  3. Updating the Airtable record with the document location and that it is “Generated”

My issue is the following:
As this runs smoothly for now, this is only relevant to one company. Outside of the document that needs to be generated, the proceeding Google Drive functions and the Airtable functions are the same.

I would like for instance to be able to update once instead of updating multiple times.


The approach I would use would be to create an array (containing the info needed for the various documents) using the Parse JSON module followed by an Iterator and then the good stuff.

@JimTheMondayMan Thanks for this. I seem to have solved it by using the “Set Multiple Variable” Tool, and using those variables in one flow instead of multiple flows.