RSS feed trigger order

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I’m currently using an RSS feed module, which is configured to trigger every time a new topic is published on the forum.

However, I’ve noticed an issue: If I create a topic and set it as private, and then proceed to create a second public topic, the RSS feed doesn’t function as expected. When I later publish the first, originally private topic, the RSS feed doesn’t trigger automatically. Instead, I need to manually trigger the module. Moreover, this manual action also triggers an unnecessary update for the second topic, which had already been published before.

Upon checking the RSS feed, it appears to be functioning normally - the first topic is displayed as the latest, as it was indeed published after the second topic.

The issue seems to be related to the sequence in which topics are initially created, rather than the sequence in which they are published. Is there any way I can adjust the settings or configurations of the RSS feed module to prioritize the publishing date and time over the creation date and time?

I really appreciate the help!

Yes, you can sort them by Publishing Date in Make using sort function.

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