Save error messages to a queue for later

Hey there, I want to set up a router with a filter that says “email doesn’t exit” and I want this to send us a notification this happened and to save it in a queue till I manually enroll them, how to do that

@Fahad_Sheji You can use the Storage module, create a record in there, and use another module to search for all records in the Storage.

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By storage, do you mean the data storage module?

I didn’t understand the 2nd part where you said to search all records in storage

Do you happen to know what setting I should choose to store the airtable id

Yes the data storage module is an inbuild module of Make.

The 2nd part can be a secondary scenario, having the storage module → search records so you can retrieve all data from the storage module and act upon it.

An airtable ID is a combination of letters. So you should use the Text specification.