Seeking a volunteer for our IT Committee

Hello Maker Community!

I serve as the VP, Technology (as a board member/volunteer) for an awesome Cleveland, OH based non-profit ( We’ve built some really cool Make scenarios for integrating with Google Drive, Google sheets and Salesforce.

I’m looking for someone with Make experience to join our IT Committee. There’s not a ton of maintenance needed on a regular basis, but looking to ensure I’m not the only person with keys to the castle!

Please email me at if you have interest.



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  1. Could you elaborate more on the Make scenarios you’ve implemented and what specific tasks the IT Committee member would be responsible for?
  1. How often would IT Committee meetings or discussions take place? What should we expect by being part of the team?
  1. Does the current Make setup have any documentation or training materials available for new committee members?
  1. What is the level of commitment (or hours per month) is one expected to provide?