Send emails from Notion with page content based on "status" field values

Create meeting notes as a Notion page and send emails to attendees by updating the ‘status’ field: the perfect scenario for Project Management on Make (Integromat).

Imagine, you’ve just finished a meeting and now you need to send out the meeting notes to all attendees. With our scenario, you can automate this process and save time.

Add your customer to the ‘Attendees’ field and switch the ‘Status’ to ‘Send’. The meeting notes (page content) will be sent to you in 15 minutes, and the ‘Status’ will be switched to ‘Done’.

Create your own meeting notes pages, add several attendees, and everyone will receive an email.
It works with public and private (not set to ‘Share to the web’) Notion pages, giving you greater flexibility and control over your content.

Visit our site to try sending emails from Notion.