Sending user input for a module as part of output

I am trying to trigger a scenario with lemlist module and finally integrating to airtable.
I would like to take a user input in lemlist like campain id and start processing the data flow. Currently I am getting an output from the lemlist module which is of type text and it contains various elements. But it is missing the input provided for triggering the scenario. Please suggest how I can get the input taken from user added to the output also


Hey @Sri,

Can you add an example of the output you are getting back from Lemlist now and what you’re expecting?

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Hello @NolaDigital
I found a way to achieve this by myself. Thanks

Hi @Sri awesome to hear that you figured it out!

Would you mind sharing your solution with the community so that folks in the future can potentially ‘follow in your footsteps’?

I used HTTP module than lemlist module from make

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