Sending WooCommerce order confirmations via Make

Hi all,

I’m trying to work out a way to use Make to send out order confirmation emails so that I can get full control of how they look.

I’m using a HTML template for the emails, but I’m currently stuck at inserting the product array so that the customer can get an overview of what they’ve ordered.

I’m using WooCommerce “New event” as the trigger and then I get the order ID from there and use it in “Get an order”. The product array is in LineItems, but how can I create an HTML block for every product which is then added to the email?

I’m using the Iterator, but it currently means that the email is sent as many times as there are products.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ch1ptune,

Use a “Text Aggregator” module after you iterator so you create one text string with all your line items and only send one email :wink: