Set Variable to Delimit Recharge Property Line Data


First time posting and just learning Apologies I tried looking for this and found some semi helpful questions.

I am trying to pull data from our Recharge Subscription into google sheets. Specifically - the Property Data.

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I know you can delimit the data through Set Variable function. But my property data pulls into google sheets with only the first property line from recharge.

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 3.01.52 PM

How am I able to delimit specifically the Activation Date and Device Serial Number value data into a cell on Google Sheets?

Greatly appreciate your support!

Here’s how you can do it step by step:

  1. Set Up Your Scenario:
  • Create a new scenario in Make,com and set the trigger to watch for new data from your Recharge Subscription.
  1. Extract the Property Data:
  • Use the appropriate module to extract the Property Data from your Recharge Subscription. This could be an API call or another integration module that retrieves the data.
  1. Set Variables:
  • Use the “Set Variable” module to store the Property Data in a variable. This will allow you to work with the data and manipulate it further.
  1. Split the Data:
  • Add the “Split Text” module to your scenario. In the settings for this module, specify the delimiter that separates the Activation Date and Device Serial Number in the Property Data. For example, if the data is separated by a comma, enter “,” as the delimiter.
  1. Map the Split Data:
  • After splitting the data, you will have separate pieces of information (Activation Date and Device Serial Number) in different outputs from the “Split Text” module. Map these outputs to the desired cells in your Google Sheets.
  1. Test the Scenario:
  • Before enabling the scenario, use the “Run Once” option to test the data flow and ensure that the Activation Date and Device Serial Number values are being correctly split and mapped to the Google Sheets.
  1. Enable the Scenario:
  • Once you have confirmed that the scenario is working as expected, enable it to run continuously and update your Google Sheets with the Property Data from your Recharge Subscription.
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Thank you for this @Pro_Tanvee .

Only issue is that the properties are in three parts. It will only pull the 1st property on

Is there a way I can split and set the variable for Property 2 (Device SN) and 3 (Legacy Activation Date)? An issue with this is that the data from Recharge is not always the same three. Sometimes Device SN is first. Sometimes there is only Legacy Activation Date and none of the others.

Is there a way I can pull just based on the name if available?