SharePoint 2019 on prem

Hi all,

Please has anyone connected Integromat with SharePoint 2019 on prem? I just need to know if the SharePoint Online modules in Integromat also work with SharePoint 2019 on prem. If not, how can I connect to SharePoint 2019 on prem with Integromat and read folders, lists, and document data?


Howdy @Nanfa_Kumswa Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

Best bet since this is a more niche query, is to contact the make support team, or your make rep (I see you are a partner)

My Educated guess here though, is a soft no:

meaning, on premises instances of any software, have different security layers, may or may not connect to the internet without using company VPN, if at all.
Also the connection URL base, would be different for an on premise installation.

The reason why i said “soft no”
you could probably still interact with it, using make.
with a combination of the HTTP module, and make custom apps.

I believe this answers is approximately accurate in relation to all apps that have a “on premise enterprise version”

Looping you in @Michaela as this is a tough one to replicate, to get an accurate answer.