SKU Generator? Make + + Google Sheets

Our business is in the need of a SKU generator that my entire team can use. I have one set up in Google Sheets right now, but we operate mainly out of + Make. As you can see in the first screenshot, we have numbers that correspond with certain words in the drop downs.

As with another scenario we use with Make, I have the data organized into a google sheet then changing the status in Monday. My goal is to take the “word” data, convert it to the correct numbers, combine them into a single SKU, then upload that information into a column in

My stuck parts are in two areas:

  1. Each item has a unique four digits that operates in sequence for every new item (1640, 1641, etc). I need to figure out how to add this to automatically when the button is pushed and the prefix of the SKUs are generated. I manually do this now for our existing SKUs. This needs to be added in increments of 1.

  1. This is the new google sheet that is tied to Make. I need to combine the information from columns B,C,D, E, and F into one single sequence that populates in the SKU column, before it gets uploaded back to

Am I overcomplicating this? Please help!